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Santamuerte's New Album - META MORE FUZZ

Santamuerte's New Album - META MORE FUZZ

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Santamuerte's music is about their stories of life and death. They use music as a source of emotional relief, and talk about death from a more natural point of view and not as religion shows it, (which by the way they detest with pleasure). They define themselves as a Punk Blues band because they use the Blues as a base for their compositions, but with a Punk attitude by not following the rules, saying things without fear, and as they are.

Santamuerte is a band founded in Ecuador in 2013 and based in Germany since 2018. In their lyrics they sing to death, luck, the devil, and heartbreak, and using classic elements such as double bass, banjo, and harmonica, they create a very visual, irreverent, and fun-filled show. 

Their music can not be defined in a single style because they experiment with many genres, from blues, punk, grunge, psychobilly and stoner rock, thus having softer songs like La Llorona, to stronger songs like Blues de la Muerte. Their influences range from Robert Johnson, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age.

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