Santamuerte - Music from the dead

"Santamuerte is a band that defies the fear of death and pays tribute to a deity with the name and attitude of a saint and the appearance of a skull"
Radio Cocoa

Santamuerte is an Ecuadorian Punk Blues band founded in 2013. Based in Germany, they stand out for their music that addresses life and death from a natural perspective, with lyrics covering topics such as death, luck, the devil and heartbreak.

santamuerte band

Their style fuses blues, punk, grunge, psychobilly and stoner rock, influenced by artists such as Robert Johnson, Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age. In 2015, they released their debut album "Letras de mi Muerte", which gained recognition being album of the week on Radio 3 in Spain.

They have opened for Michael Graves of the Misfits, signed with the music agency Cezamé in 2018 and their music has been used in films and TV shows. They have participated in festivals such as the Trash Blues Festival and Umsonst und Draussen in Germany.

In 2022, they received an award from the German government to record their second album in a castle in Dresden. Their music was part of the Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando in October 2022. In April 2023, they released their new album "META MORE FUZZ" and started an international tour in Ecuador, with plans to continue in Germany, Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

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